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L. Clement
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I started out with 100g Hell Razors, at first they flew fine… I even shot a small buck at 30 yds, blood trail was 3 ft wide! Deer went about 30 yds and collapses… I then started having issues with arrow flight after 35 yds… took it to a bow shop and we tuned and tuned and came to the conclusion that since the Hell Razors are welded together they can have a wobble to them. I then said I need this bow shooting straight before I leave. So he went and found me some 100g Montec’s put them on and flew like a dart and I was happy. He said the Montec’s are made out of one piece of metal so you don’t much see a wobble to them.

If you don’t get the Montec CS then they will need sharpening but that’s easy with this broad head. I practices with the Montec pre-season and can put 2 in the kill zone at 50 yards on windy days. It really sucks when you loose confidence in your broad heads but so long as these keep flying straight I don’t see how they won’t work.

Hell Razors were def. sharper but we couldn’t get them to fly worth a darn…
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