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I've been in this contest since '03 or '04. It is always pretty fun.

My wife and I had a little girl last Wednesday. Stella Grace. We got home on Friday afternoon and I was in the treestand Saturday morning. My wife it sooo good to me.

On my hunt Saturday morning, I had a 130" 8 pointer come through just as it was starting to get light. Slowely fed towards me while I was praying it would take its time. When it gave me a final shot at 28 yards before he got out of range, I pulled back and whistled to make him stop. I then tried and tried and tried to see my pin...but it was still a little too dark. If I looked for my pin, I could see it but couldn't see the deer. If I looked for the deer, I couldn't quite see the pin. The shot was too iffy to risk, so I let him walk. About 4-5 minutes later, it was bright enough to see my pin. I was kind of bummed, but just reminded myself it was opening day. Will probably head out Saturday morning again, then hang it up unti the end of October. Anyone else been out?
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