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Originally Posted by finnbear View Post
A 30.06 would be more than adequate to kill that elk at that range...only a fool would pass up the shot!!! his size has nothing to do with the equation, the round has more than enough power to kill at that range , you have 22/24 in. to hit him in...the scenario doesn't say angling toward you or away....what's the 'perfect' shot????
the shot that kills yer elk is the perfect shot!!!! ya got one o them bigol magnum bangnums, use that ya go a 7mm, use that ya got a 30.06 use it...they all kill that bull!!!!!!!!!
Finnbear is right, if you are confident at that range. You have to know your bullet drop at that range and ballistic charts will only get you somewhat close. A 30.06 at 400 yards is dropping like a rock. You have to know what your rifle and bullet combination will do at that range. I passed on a 385 yard shot last year with a 30.06 with a short barrel. I had never shot this gun past 200 yards. My bad and it cost me a really nice elk.

That's why I love the 300 RUM. The other calibers will make the shot but will take much more practice. It is much easier getting good at a 11 inch drop than a 45 inch drop. It's not only easier but more consistent.

A 300 RUM at 500 yards is darn near doing the same thing a 30.06 is doing at the muzzle. Just saying.....

I'm not knocking the other calibers, I'm just very happy with the 300 RUM. It's the best. IMHO!
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