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Default RUGER SR40 , First look ???

I,m looking to buy a nnew pistol .
I was thinking possibly Springfield arms , Sig Sauer, or ??
I was at Gander tonight and looked at the Sig P250 COMPACT .
Nice looking gun in a 40 S&W Compact , but I have fairly large hands and my little finger goes under the mag. I dont realy like the feel .
I then noticed a Ruger in 9 mm and asked if they carried it in a 40 s&w caliber .
They had a Ruger SR40c . Nice looking gun , also a little short on the handle but they include a mag. extender for a much better grip option . Comes with gun , 2 10 round mags and hardcase box with a lock .
After looking it up on the net I notice Ruger sells a SR40 also .
Looks to be a standard size pistol in 40 s&w .
Wish they had one at Gander to see in person at the time .
The SR40 also comes with 2 mags and box but is abought $50.00 less than the SR40C .
Any own, fire or have first hand experiance with one ?
Is it worth buying a pistol online at Busguns ?
They are $50 less , free shipping, will still need to pay taxes ?
I no I,d have to pay my local dealer to have it sent there.
Thanks for any info.
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