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they all need four basic things for survival.

Open grass areas - wild turkey need open areas in which to feed, carry on breeding and in which to nest. These open grassy areas need not be large, preferably they should be surrounded by woods.

Water - As with all animals the turkey needs water sources to survive, this water can come from streams, brooks, ponds, lakes and puddles, or it can come merely from the food that they eat.

Trees - Turkeys choose to roost high off the ground in order to elude predators. Large cut over areas of land usually do not hold many if any wild turkey, why? They have all been preyed upon by coyote and fox, among many other predators.

Food - The wild turkey again is an extremely adaptive bird, they generally will eat anything that is available, be it insects, grain, berries or nuts.

If you find an area that has all three of the wild turkeys key needs in close proximity, it is definitely a place that deserves a second look come hunting season.
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