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I know that some guys down here do use the .22 hornet for deer but it is strictly head and neck shots. Last year we were shooting does in the head with a .204 and it worked just fine, but if they are looking at you be careful not to shoot the to low in the head because then the bullet enter the nasal cavity exits hits the skull and just travels around it and does not kill it. but if you hit it in the back or the side of the head it works just fine. And if you hit it up about eye level or a little higher they drop. But we were using a rifle that at 100 yds would make a dime size group so we were very confident exactly where that bullet went. Also my sister shot a doe in the head at about thirty yds with an ar-15 last year at about 35 yds and it worked just fine to. Hope this helps. Do not shoot a minute of foot rifle only sub-moa precision is the key. All of the guns we use will stack rounds on top of each other at 100 yds. This is very important!!!
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