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Originally Posted by IOWABUCKHUNTR View Post
Next week opens Canada Geese season, so the ole Flu Flu's will be flying for sure! Ill get some video footage of the Bow/Geese hunts up hopefully next week for ya'll.
That sounds like a blast sending some Flu Flu's through the air! Good luck, that is something that I would like to try!

Oct 1st is my 1st day. I have been shooting every chance I get. Very comfortable out to 40yards, can shoot 50 very good but I will stay at 40. Never had to take a shot that far though. Most of the areas that I hunt is very thick, 30 yard shots are rare. In 17 years of archery hunting the longest kill I have is 32 yards! Most are 18 to 25 yards. I like those "chip" shots! I have missed my fair share of those "chip" shots though! But that is why I love it so much. The nice bucks I have taken will always be burnt in mind but those misses haunt me forever (the one that got away)!
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