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Fork Horn
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I sent out a PM to our missing guy, if I dont hear back from him before September 24th I will ask for an alternate.

A little update from Iowa, the deer have really slowed their movement this week, it got up to 90 yesterday after a great week of high 60's and low 70's. We have a cold front moving in today and throught the rest of the week with a freeze warning tomorrow night more a touch of the Northern part of the state.

I've got 4 bucks I am keeping close tabs on this year, all will go above 140's with a 4.5 that would bust 160. I am hoping I can have the patience to not shoot the 160 and let him go 1 more year, I have been watching this buck since he was a fawn.

This will be the wife's second year in the woods with me, this year she will be putting the camera down and hopefully taking another big buck herself.

I check in everyday multiple times, so if anyone ever has any questions or needs advice; as long as it fits within my scope of knowledge I am more than willing to help! I can be reached at [email protected], if for some reason you need fast advice.

Happy hunting and good luck to Team 4!