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Originally Posted by KYDeerHunter03 View Post
I like the BUCK U. name

Went this morning to a new farm and seen 4 does and a crazy racked 2.5 year old buck. Had a doe 16 yards from me at first light but she wouldnt turn broadside for the life of me. Then when she finally cleared the brush and stepped into a clear spot a bit farther away i couldnt get the rangefinder to work! Im not good at judging ranges on my own so....she lived to see another day

My friend is really getting on my nerves chasing that buck of his on my other farm, now he is ruling that everyone else on the farm cant kill anything until he gets his buck. So..... I dunno what im gonna do. I already passed on shooting his deer for him and now he wants to take away from me shooting anything??? Just kinda stuck on what to do

Then went and drove all the way to hunt this evening and get there and got all geared up and de-human scented lol and realize i forgot my release and rangefinder at home. wonderful waste of gas and time!!
man thats sum tough chit lol i been there, i think if ya havnt then ya aint been out enough ...i started stalkin 3 does last year, left the dang rangefinder where i was sittin when i spotted them, on the effin porch..
so does your buddy own this land er what...just wondering what gives him the right to dictate who and when n where?
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