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Zubba, first kid you say? You're really gonna appreciate the time outdoors this year!
ZUbba, do you really think she will let you out the house? Good luck with that. Also Iíll be right across the river In IL, I have visited that club in La Matte many times.

Boys, boys, boys....what's wrong with you? Of course I have my ducks in order for when this kid comes.

First off, I have a week vacation scheduled for the first part of November to bowhunt.

Second, my wife agreed to try for a September baby (our season opens in October). If no luck for September, we would 'take off' trying, then start trying again for a January baby.

Third, my wife is super cool about hunting. She doesn't hunt herself, but understands my addiction. To give you an idea of my last calendar year, I bowhunted October-November, shotgun hunted in December, mounted deer (taxidermist) from December until July, turkey hunted in April-May, went to Oklahoma hog hunting in March, planned a 2013 MN bear hunt, all on top of shooting archery tournaments 11 out of the last 16 weekends, checking cameras, hanging stands, ect. She understands and made the comment that there is no offseason...haha. She's great.

And did I mention I have a week of vacation designated to bowhunting the

BTW - I usually check in daily, but can be reached at [email protected]. KCMO, you get my vote if you are interested.
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