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Originally Posted by hossdaniels View Post
If you have the stuff to do it right, skip the throw and grow mixes. Buy a bag of oats, and mix in 10-15 lbs of crimson clover (from local feed store or order online). After tilling broadcast the oats and pack. Then broadcast the clover and pack. I like a soil test, but a ton of line on a new plot that size is probably a safe bet. Also, probably needs 300 lbs if 10-20-20 fertilizer.

If you want to make it a perennial plot, just add 5lbs of durana clover. It is a slow starter. You will not see it this year, but it will be there by next fall.
people were tellin us that too...we just got the soil test, and low and behold, we didnt need anything but a lil trip 13 fer grins. the soil was fine and our plot took off, where it was getting watered anyways.
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