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I took my wife on her first elk hunt last year along with my brother. She downed a nice 6 point bull and my brother a cow within an hour and I cut both of them up and we packed them uphill about a 1/2 mile and we were done with everything within 5 hours and back to the camp for lunch. This was right at 10K feet. I usually will carry more than 60 pounds per load though. When I shot my elk in September I had one back quarter tied on to my pack and all the loose meat, backstraps, neck, brisket type stuff in the bag. Also had the antlers tied on and the rest of my stuff in my pack. It felt like I was flying after the 1.25 mile hike out and I was able to get the pack off. So it can be done quickly if you have help and expirience cutting them up and are in decent shape.
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