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I agree 100% on the conditioning. That should be your first priority. What your looking at will not be a picnic for you at 10,000 ft. I myself being from NY, hunt around 1,800 ft tops. I run 2x's a wk, and bike 2x's a wk, plus weight lifting to condition. I've been to Colorado 3x's, all archery, at 9-11,000 ft.. I can't even imagine going out w/o any conditioning. Even with what I do, I still feel like a old man my first 3 days. 10yds uphill, and I'm stopping to catch my breath for several mins. Thats w/o packing in gear. To be honest if you think you can do it, and not have issue's. Your just fooling yourself. Most everyone not used to these heights also experiences some kind of altitude sickness. Sometimes just in the form of headaches for several days. But pushing yourself beyond your limit only increases the possibility. Way I see it, you owe it to yourself to find time to condition. I've sometimes gotten up at 4:30am, and ran 3miles before work to get my running in for the day. Not having time is a excuse in my book. You need to make the time, period!!!!!!

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