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Not that I have counted, but an estimated guess is that I have done over 1000 stand set-ups. Used to do it with screw in steps. They are a pain in the butt, and they are dangerous in the event of a fall. It is like dodging fishhooks on your way to the ground. It may sound funny, but it is the truth. Now the only thing I use is Climbing Sticks. (mostly Ol'Man or Rivers Edge)

Always wear a Safety Harness of some sort when during all process of hanging a stand. Use the waist belt during this process, not the safety strap you would use when hunting. Most new stands sold today will come with a harness. Tie a pull-up line to your stand, so when you get to the height you are comfortable with, you can pull up your stand. Or you can have it on your back using the backpack straps many come with, or fashion your own to the stand. You could use a screw in step to hang your stand where you want it on the tree, until you get it fastened securely. Old API stands came with a screw in for this purpose. North Star stands used to come with a hook on a strap that you put around the tree and hung the stand on so you could secure it more easily. There are also a variety of stick that are just sections attached to the tree, ie. Buck Steps, etc. These can also be very good for climbing most any tree, or using in conjuncture with other straight sticks. If you use these, just be sure to get the strap as tight as possible on the tree before you push the step down to tighten. If you don't do this type correctly, they can swap ends when you are climbing.

If you invest in climbing sticks, get the ones that have a double step. They are much easier to stand on as you will have both feet at the same level.
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