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A lineman style belt is the only way to go. ESPECIALLY if you did like I did after about 10-15 years of HATING screw in steps and I just replaced all of the steps with hang on steps/skyladder types. That's when the lineman comes in handy once more, while making your way up and hanging those steps/ladders on. If you insist on the screw in steps then get the folding type that you can chuck into a chordless drill and screw quickly into the tree. With the above tools you can quickly and quietly hang a stand and be "hunt ready" in less than 10 minutes!

And while not a substitute, the linemans belt makes a better emergency safety belt than nothing at all. Lord the YEARS I spent with NO belt of anykind while hunting 20 and sometimes even OVER 30ft off the ground in one of my old hang on stands. Eventually after about living to see 30 and being married with kids I realized I had more reasons than myself to wear a safety belt. (Now that I'm "fat and 40" I don't honestly even like leaving the ground unless it's in a ladder or shooting house! )

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