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My $02. I set up 6-8 lock-ons every fall. Have for years. Here's what works for me.

I use a safety similar to a line-man's pole climbing D-Ring belt. Lets me climb using the ladder and/or steps with a reasonable degree of safety , and at the same time leaves both hands free when the work time comes.

I use a stick ladder where possible and screw-in step where not, or a combination there-of depending upon the form of the tree. Once I reach where I want the lock-on to be placed, I screw in a step about 2' above that level. I hang a simple single pulley/rope system that I made from a cheap pulley and 3/8" nylon braided rope on to that "step".

I climb back down and attach the lock-on to the rope and hoist it up to the approximate height of the stand location and tie it off. I then climb back up and attach the lock-on to the tree. The weight being supported by the pulley/rope system and having both hands free makes is a snap to strap the lock-on in place.

Once I have the lock-on secured in place, about 6" below my last step or ladder rung, I step off onto it and set up a safety rope that extends to ground level using 5/16" t 3/4" climbing rope. I also screw in a couple of steps well above, but in reach, from my last step for hand-holds. I can later use these to hang my pack or binos (whatever). I climb back down and call it good to go.

I use a 3-wrap Prussic knot to attach my safety harness to the safety rope. I stay attached to the Prussic until I get set up in the stand, then transfer my safety harness over to the tree. This might sound like over kill, but one slushy, sleeting day abut 20 years ago I slipped off a screw-in step and fell about 7'. Luckily I had no injury other than a badly scraped shin and a bruised hip. If that had happened near the top of that ladder, I could have fallen about 16' .... and I imagine that day would have had a much less lucky ending.

If you are not familiar with a Prussic it is simple to do. There are several You-Tube demos out there demonstrating how to tie and use this knot.
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