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Default Lock on.... Theres gotta be an easier way!

Hey guys,
so yesterday i strayed from my normal ways of just using climbing stands and went and put in a lock on set... Worst day in the deer woods ever! Putting in the screw in steps was annoying but not that difficult.. the part that baffeled me was when i got the stand up to me and trying to actually get it on the tree where i wanted it... i felt like i needed two extra hands to get it set! After nearly 3 1/2 hrs and almost falling out of the tree once or twice i finally got it set up.. There has got to be an easier way to do this... i love the setup now that its in place but if its goin to be that much of a struggle every time i go to put it up i would just assume pic a lil less desireable tree and use my ol man climber....
What do yall do to get the stand up and set in place?? we just useed a pull up rope and man power.. will it get easier the more we do it or does everyone struggle like i did????
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