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Last year I tried hunting out of a pop up ground blind, on the fly since I was hunting public land and can't leave stands in place... I think the only reason I didnt see more deer was the amount of noise made trying to brush it in... One weekend later in the season, I decided to leave it out over the weekend(rule is no longer than 72 hours), I came back to the blind two days after setting it up.... Saw deer everywhere... I think this is due primarily to it being fairly thick undergrowth in that area, and primo placement(four game trails converging under a big old white oak)...

If you don't have to take it down, the sooner you put it out the better... I'm still convinced that good old fashioned brush blind is better, if you've got the time to set it up... especially in southern climates... in October in Texas it is HOT inside that tent blind...

Having learned from that experience, I plan on setting that tent blind up on my familys private land and leaving it all season... gonna get a climbing stand for the public land.
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