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Default Gorilla vs Muddy vs HSS lite

Well I went to bps today and tried on the following harnesses I was trying to not to break the bank, and its for bow hunting so weight/ flexibility was my concern. I didnt try on any vest type. Heres what I liked/ didnt like about the following harnesses.

Gorilla G30- Fits nice, the padding is a little thick and I doubt its that breathable, I plan on hunting in some heat so this one was out of the question quick. It did feel solid, and on a bigger person I bet it would be a better choice. Has a nice self locking carabiner. Lots of stuff on this harness and seemed a little tangley. Also all connections have no coating on buckles, might be noisy. (was on sale for 120) (also the g-15 isnt much differnt in my eyes)

Muddy outdoors safeguard- I like this harness out of the box it weighs nothing. Thought it was made in usa, discovered the china tag on the harness. Gos on super easy. The padded leg straps arnt much really, hardly any padding there. This would be a great really hot weather harness, or if you had to go for the lightest also. It uses a double threw buckle across your waist, never used one, it seemed cool, both halfs coated in plastic so no noise. The leg straps use a cinch style, not much of a fan of that either made me decide to not go that route. One of them kept sticking from over painting and I couldnt get the strap to tighten. After you have the leg straps on the tag ends just dangle around.

Hunter safety systems ultra lite- This harness fits nice, and gos on really fast. The padding on the shoulders feels good and nothing rubs your neck. Pretty light weight. Buckles are coated / have plastic inserts so reduces noise. The tag ends on any adjustments are double backed style, so as you get more length or less there are no tag ends or hanging straps (on legs straps and midsection strap). I ended up purchasing this harness. They make an extreme version thats camo, and has two extra straps, not worth the extra 40 buck for me. ( made in china) paid 89 for it.

Hope this helps some people make some decisions on your gear. I had several spectators while untangling and trying all these on lol. And also got to hear about a dozen hunting/ falling out of tree stories. WEAR YOUR HARNESS AS SOON AS YOU LEAVE THE GROUND!
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