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Default My First Ever Elk Hunt - SW CO - Any Advise?

Well the time has come after drawing for 4yrs I finally pulled a CO Black powder Elk tag for Sept. I leave in 30 days.

I've never hunted Elk, and I've never hunted out west. We will have a base camp near 10,000 feet and will do a BIVY type hunt about 4.5 miles away at spike camps.

Good and bad news is I moved houses over the winter and changed jobs at work so spare time this summer has been at an EXTREME minimum. So all that running, jogging, packing 80lbs of gear on my back didn't happen. I'm going at this without much conditioning. Oh well, slow and easy I guess.

I've got comfortable boots, range finder, nice binocs, wind checker, hootchie mama call, and all the other essentials.

I know these guys have noses and eyes that make a whitetail seem like weak.

Besides always staying down wind, and watching watering holes in the timber......what other tips can you seasoned Elk hunters provide to a green horn?

Thanks guys, the reality of this hunt is starting to set in now...30 days and counting!
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