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Originally Posted by sachiko View Post
Obviously the intent is not to reduce crime, but to keep arms out of the hands of law-abiding citizens.

It's actually an end run around all the lawsuits regarding firearms bans.
They're not banning bullets, just making them cost upwards of a buck
for every pull of the trigger. It has nothing to do with crime....even the hacks who write drivel like that law, know that. It's to bolster support from the crap-fer-brains idiots who are sheltered from such crime but who write large campaign donation checks. It will make no difference. I really think that in municipalities like that, the ammunition manufacturers should get together and impose a "municipal hazardous materials surcharge" of $100 per box of ammunition, on all ammunition sold to entities controlled by the city. Let's see how they like the taste of that 'garbage pie''s what they're serving up for the rest of us. It works too, because they gotta pay what the ammo companies want, the cops gotta have bullets, the sphincters who vote these pukes into office will have their taxes raised so the cops can have bullets, stock an inventory of same, and practice at the police range with 'department ammo''s a win-win.

something to consider:
- cheap ammo = greater rates of misfires which = increased mortal risk to municipal LEOs. They can't consider this.
- reloaded ammo = greater rates of misfires, misfeeds, mis-charges and case failures. Exponentially raises a PD's liability.

Squeeze these pukes till the sap runs out....

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