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The problem is that it can only absorb so much before it has to be reactivated. This is where the problem is. To reactivate the carbon in the suit you would have to burn it in a fire as your dryer is not hot enough. I am sure that brand new, it will work for a short time though.
True and well said. But here is the problem with it working even when it's new. Despite all the handling instructions recommended for it when you get it home all of these garments are hanging out open on a rack at the store. So odds are it's already completely saturated when you buy it. And as you point out it cannot be reactivated by a household dryer. I have also seen some people online who tested this stuff. Not only did it fail to mask a persons scent from an animals nose but they also did something that most consumers would never do considering how much this stuff costs. They cut one of these suits open. The "SCANT" amount of carbon in the lining of these suits was startling to see even for a skeptic like myself who already considered them a scam. I have sprinkled more pepper on a plate of stewed squash than there was inside the thing.
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