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Scent Shield has always been what I used. I think they are all good, but I' m leary of the Carbon Blast stuff. I don' t want black stuff all over me.

You need to wear lighter clothing to your stand and then put on your heavier stuff once you get there. Also, leave early enough to take your time in getting there. This will help you reduce your sweating.

A few years ago, I had some stuff by Robinson Labs. It was a cream deodorant that was absolutely fantastic. I don' t care how much you sweated, you didn' t stink. I was playing in a softball tournament one year and we got done just in time for me to get in an evening hunt. I had my camo with me so I just changed and went hunting. Took a nice doe that came in to within 5 yards of my stand and she never knew I was there. Unfortunately, I haven' t seen that deodorant on the market since.
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