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Well Snuffy and I managed with a team effort to win big fish last night at the imprompto Clinton lake challenge. The loosing boat was Kendall, Christine and Ken Sharp. Fishing was pretty slow we only boated 6 common's and one huge buffalo. We spotted this buffalo up at the end of a cove. I shot it got it up to the boat and it pulled off and sank. Snuffy got off a second arrow, fish was now out of sight. He hit it again and broat it up to the boat at which time it pulled off again and started sinking again. I was re loaded and shot it the third time and we got it in the barrel. was 8.8 pounds. Had another one pull off as well. We even managed to pick up a hich ****r on the way which evened up the sides with us now having 3 on board. Have no Idea how a mouse got on board, Snuffy managed to give it a swat as it tried to get past him running on the side of the boat. the last time we seen it, it was swimming for all it's worth. Now the fun began after we left the ramp. just past champaign we got a flat on the trailer. No problem got it changed the spare even had air in it. Got to Snuffy's house switched boat to my 88 bronco and I headed home, just down the road my headlights went out. I had running lights, the boat trailer was all lit up but that was it. I was in the end of town that parking and leaving the rig was no option. So I kept going, of course here came a city cop. He was flashing his lights for me to turn on my lights. When I got up even with him I stoped and told him that they just went out. He said no problem for me to turn on my flashiers and keep going. That was fine in town with the streets lights all on. Once I got out of town, It was dark and I could see very little. Managed to keep up a good pace of 15mph and got home, just as I backed up into the garage the lights came on. So I got home a little after 4. But it was a great night, always like it when other people help pay for the evening.
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