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There's too much information to write up a guide in any forums. Since you already hunt rabbits (w/ a shotgun I hope) you should be familiar with shot choice and shotgun. Here are the things you should pick up:

1. Hunting regulation phamplet - should be available at your local sporting good store.

2. A book on dog training if you are going to adopt a dog. Training a bird dog is slightly different than training beagles. I would recommend

'How to Help Gun Dogs Train Themselves: Taking Advantage of Early Conditioned Learning' - by Joan Bailey. One con about the book mentions banging pots and pans. I do not like using that method; better to use it for recall signals.

'Best Way to Train Your Gun Dogs: The Delmar Smith Method' -by Bill Tarant.

NAVHDA blue book

Read the book first then use it for reference.

The best way to learn is the find someone who hunts. Even better if they have a dog.

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