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Stop shooting anything around the dog for now. This dog has not been properly introduced to noise or outside stimulation. Futhermore the dog has probably been coddled in uncomfortable situations. Observe the dog and determine what else it is afraid of, but don't react to it in any manner. We don't react to car alarms or windshield shades telling us to call the police anymore because we have become desensitized to them. If you made a big deal every time your kid stubbed a toe or skinned a knee they would pick up on it real quick. Dogs read body language real well so you don't even have to say anything to transmit your concern. If you want to hunt with this dog it's time for it to grow up and it can't asscociate any of the bad things in the future with you. You need a controlled enviroment where you can expose this dog without you having anything negative to do with it. Air compressors and tools, blenders, hair dryers, washing machines and my favorite, music, are all stimuli that can be controlled without you having a connection. I have a folder of music specifically put together for puppies. I have never had a noise shy dog that slept through Pink Floyds "The Wall" at volume. Take a listen an it begins to make sense why. Take the dog out for runs in a safe area on a regular basis and let it explore the cover and the less you say the better. I prefer to release the dog with a command and not say another word. The more this dog does on it's own the better the end result. Don't be in a hurry but you must be consistent and emotionless. Once this dog shows no(0) sensitivity to day to day household enviromental noises you'll be on your way. At that point the dog will be capable of asscociating the gun with birds much like it asscociates feed in the pan with eating. This is by far the longest post I have ever posted and I don't want to come off as an ass but as stated this condition is man made. You created it and it's up to you to fix it.

Pheasanthunter25, I think we are all here to help so don't be shy in asking questions and keeping us updated on your progress. It may be one step forward and two back but don't get frustrated, the dog will know before you do. Many of my fellow hunting guides and dog trainers all believe as I do that there is no dog like the first one you train so keep it up.


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