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During my Peace Corps service in Zaire ('89-'91) and travels through W. Africa I got to sample a lot of critters.

Duiker, snakes, monkey (3x), grasshopers, fruit bats, some kind of woodpecker, palm weevil grubs (tasted like brown-n-serve sausages), camel, red river hog, civet, and elephant.

The best two:
1. pangolin or scaly anteater (I found out there were endangered afterwards, but they were really really good)

2. cane rat or grass cutter (think woodchuck)

The dog I ate was awful, even before I knew what it was. I also had some seal flipper pie in St. John's NFLD....definately not the best this I ever ate.

There is a reason why livestock is limited to a relatively short list of species, all over the world...they taste the best.
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