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Grizz makes good points. Safety is a bgd issue always, and learning from an experienced woodsman should get you off to a good start.

As far as game to begin with. Small game is where I started ... squirrels and rabbits.

If you have the $$$ ... buy 1-shotgun for small game and birds , and 1-rifle for medium game such as deer.

Shotgun ? - I'd recommend a good quality pump in 20 ga. Using proper ammo, good to go for game frome squirrels to ducks to turkey. Most come with a set of choke tubes. I like the Browing BPS.

Rifle ? - Hard to beat the 30.06 Spr. for an all around cartridge. Plenty of quality models to choose from. A good one that is simple and reliable, is the Ruger Model 77. But there are many more great choices in center fire. If you need a scope .... medium priced, and a good value is the Bushnell Elite series.

If you are not planning on hunting medium game any time soon, a quality bolt action 22 LR is a great starter rifle. Marlin and Savage make nice bolt actions in 22 LR.
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