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Well this won't make Krist too happy but I filled my last tag this mourning.
This guy had been running with two other toms and several hens and jakes in a group. They usually move away from me and into a field I can't hunt. Figuring I had nothing to lose I asked the landowner one more time for permission. Since it was the last day he said in the mourning only and bow only. I can't pull my compound yet after shoulder surgery. He agreed the crossbow would be okay. Alright game on. I set up a blind at the area they usually head to. At 515 am first gobble. They flew down just before 6 but the boss hen didn't like something about my set up and went off in the other direction. I noticed that only 2 toms were in the group. They hung around the field just out of range. At about 730 I saw a bird enter the field at the opposite end and then 2 more. 1 tom and 2 jakes. They headed towards the main group and had to pass by me at about 30 yards. As the tom brought up the rear I put the 30 yd pin on him and he went about 10 feet into the bush where he expired. I watched the others in the field for another hour then when they left went to get him.

He has one 1 1/8th" and one 1” spur and a 9.5" beard. He weighed 20 lbs and 10 oz.
He wasn't the dominant bird but I won't complain.

Crossbow pic


Going for a ride

He is not an upgrade but adds to the total bird count- 61.875

Well I guess that’s a wrap.

Been a good season and great being on the Roost Raiders.
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