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Am inclined to agree that small rifle primer are not enough to ignite BH. Also have discovered that the CCI large rifle primer are made of 'hard' stuff. In my initial test of this plug and brass and primer, one primer failed to fire. In some ensuing tests, a few of the primer failed to fire. There was never a hang fire, but there were a few instances where the CCI magnum large rifle primer didn't pop, and thus there was no fire. I rotated them unfired primer, and mostly they then fired. It seemed to me, my rifle was at fault, and i attempted to correct the problem to no avail.

For some reason it occurred to me to try Federal magnum large rifle primer, and never had another failure to fire. It seems the material of the Federal large rifle magnum primer is softer than the material of the CCI primer. The firing pin of the rifle made a substantially deeper crater in the Federal primer, than in the CCI primer, and the Federal primer always popped, and provided a nice hot spark that never failed to ignite the BH209.

I have also concluded that i never should have given away the hammer extension of the rifle. In retrospect it appears that when one has a rebounding hammer, the mass of the extension is helpful in hitting the primer hard enough to ignite it, because of the rebounding spring.

Another thing, when i decided to switch primer brands, i popped about 10 primed cases. I did this so i could install new Federal primer instead of the CCI primer. When i did this discharging of the primers without powder, the flash hole became completely plugged by the carbon from them CCI primer. I couldn't clear the flash hole with a torch tip cleaner. I couldn't clear the flash hole with a # 70 drill spun by hand. The vent liner, i soaked in solvent for quite some time, and still had a difficult time using the #70 drill to clear the flash hole of carbon. It was my understanding that the rifle primers would be cleaner than the shotgun primers, but that didn't seem to be the case.

Thus far i have seen little advantage to using a large rifle primer, instead of a shotgun primer. The shotgun primer has been very reliable in my rifles, and has caused me no issues. It seems to me, rifle primers require being very fussy when setting up the rifle, breech plug, and brass. The brand of primer also seems some critical.

One lucky group was made by the first three shots of the morning one day, using the CCI large rifle magnum primer. The second primer wouldn't fire, until it was hit 3 times, but when it popped it ignited the BH right now. I have been unable to repeat this accuracy, thus far.

The middle target is 3 shots at 199 yard.

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