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Fork Horn
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I go to England all the time. Getting ready for another trip in 2 weeks.

What amazes me is how sheepish they are to what newspapers report.

For instance, I even know some stalkers there. (gun hunters). They feel its appropiate for bowhunting to be illegal. That about floored me. They feel its appropiate for everyone to go thru these flaming hoops to get guns. They feel its appropiate for reloading equipment, and making your own rounds to be illegial. They feel its appropiate for there to be no to little need for police to wiretap you at will. They are such a controlled society and always have been.

Just blows me away how sheepish they are. But also verifies how different we are. Only thing we share with English is language. We seriously have more in common with French than we do with english. The french really appreciates liberties, freedoms. They have thier own issues we all know about.
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