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Been there before. They have many deficiencies that afford them the luxury to be nuts, one is a lack of game.

Had to laugh the other day. 2 Geese named by the nuts that protected them in a very busy part of town had some off spring. The nuts did there best at whatever you want to call it, kind of reminds me of playing "The Gods". All humans involved were crazy, the geese were the only sane ones. The nuts tried to move them across a busy street to a pond except "The Gods" couldn't get the geese already there to bow down to their will and except the new comers, so they removed the young and left the adults. The female named Martha or something got hit "crossing the road looking for her children", these people are insane. Now Harry just walks around in a daze at the pond looking for his lost family.

People are nuts and it's to bad the geese didn't attack them. To top it off they nested outside of a post office, no doubt crapping all over the side walks and would eventually attack the people coming who were clueless of their existence. I'm almost positive there's a law in town against feed the geese because it's been done else where and became a huge problem quickly. In one year two can become way to many.

I said this because some of those posters on that board were just as nuts, but without the animals making their world a dung heap, they firmly believe they are "The Gods" "humanly" eating their fish and chips. How do they think a fish feels taking forever to die once captured? Morons!

If bowhunting was bad and by a large margin game taken that way would not be palatable. No one's ever complained about the game I harvest and my wife feels compelled to feed everybody. Bowhunting helps her do that. Most of the time their sick. Play them emotions over their. You have to trump their emotions to get them to skulk off.
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