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can you find anything in regards to 777 that states it contains any type of sugar base. Ray
The only thing found is an article from Randy Wakeman. i'm sure Wakeman is wrong on this. i can find no evidence that 777 contains sugar of any kind.

i'm an EOD guy for nearly 50 years. Know several explosive forensics types; if 777 powder contained sugar i believe they would have told me. The presence of sugar byproducts should make post detonation analysis easier.

Triple Seven and Black Mag3 are far hotter (or more energetic) than good old black powder, and produce higher velocities and pressures. Still burning carbon, the carbon-based fuel burned here is from the sugar family, not from wood (charcoal).

The analysis of 777 powder and residue from a simulated disrupted pipe bomb shows no evidence of sugar/sugar residue that i can find.

so add charcoal for smoke and graphite for black powder.
Graphite also reduces the hygroscopicity of the powder.

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