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Default NSI Primers - Hodgdon Powder Tests

Did this test yesterday with those Italian NSI primers. They measure anywhere from .300" to .301" over all length but are filthy as a $5 hooker in all of my rifles for some reason.

All shots were from 75 yards using 100gr IMR White Hots, 100gr Pyrodex Pellets, 100gr Triple 7 Pellets and the NSI Primers.

CVA Accura V2 did the work as well.

Bottom Left: IMR White Hots 295gr HP Powerbelt. Perfect!
Top Left: Pyrodex Pellets 295gr HP Powerbelt. So-So.
Bottom Right: Triple 7 Pellets 295gr HP Powerbelt. That sucked.

Not to dirty at the first shot but even with the firing pin bushing adjusted to take up slack, these primers just do not fit good at the nose of the primer.

CCI 209 Magnum ( upper 3 primers) To the NSI Primers " Bottom 3 primers"

The previous day i had took the CVA Apex to the 130 yard range and did some shooting, The primers with 90gr BH209 - 295gr HP Powerbelt did horrible BUT i may try 100 and 110gr BH209 just to see if it will help or not. Either way, if accuracy improves i still will not use them due to the extra cleaning they make me do at the end of the day.
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