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Woke up Friday morning it was foggy, misting, and the wind was blowing. It had just got done storming about 3 hours earlier. The wife was sick in bed, so she didnít go. My brother and I went to our spot and kinda laughed about the weather. It got about 6:08 and I told him lets make something happen, so I hooted. A turkey gobbled about 80-90 yards straight in front of us. So we set up, in the same spot my wife and I did the first day, put out the decoys and waited. This bird gobbled his freaking head off for 15-20 minutes before pitching down in a small field to our left. It was foggy and I couldnít see the bird but I could here him strut. Finally he come walking in gobbling every step, stopped when he seen the decoys and began to strut. Crossed under the fence and displayed for the ladies some, then I couldnít take it no more he got shot in the face. This bird weighed 25 lbs. had a 10 inch beard and had a whopping 1 3/8 rt.spur and 1 11/4 left spur. He was a dandy for sure, and he read and played the script right.
After I shot we heard another turkey gobble about 150-200 yards away. So I grabbed my bird, tagged it right quick, put it behind the tree we were at and we took off after the other bird for my brother. Grabbed the decoys and went about 50 yards and he gobbled right in our face. Put the decoy about 10 yards to our left, should have stayed where we were, and called . We heard 3 gobbles and they were getting close. 2 lookers and 1 strutter came walking down the edge of the field, walked on feathers of the one I killed, and seen the decoy. That was it they came in and my brother smoked a 22 Ĺ pounder had a 9 ľ inch beard and 1 inch spurs. By far the absolute best turkey hunt I think Iíve ever been on and done it with my little brother.
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