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No way on the expandables/mechanicals. I'll bet my annual salary you will have a problem with them hunting elk. My bet is anyone who has shot more than 10 elk with an expandable/mechanical has had a problem. I'm guessing a lot will try to forget the times they had problems with them. I actually visited with a manufacturer of one of them. He said its just a matter of time before you have a failure. Every single mechanical/expandable will fail eventually. Thats right from the mouth of one of the manufacturers of them. Why risk that trouble on a possibly once in a life time shot at a big bull.

Oh one more thing to chew on. I went for many years not allowing expandables/mechanicals in camp. (nine wounded animals in one year) Many folks didn't like that and even had some hunters not come because of my no mechanicals policy. However, I became justified very fast when I decided to let folks use them again. I had lots of folks brag up the rage 2 blade. In two seasons I had 4 archers insist on using them because they are so great. I decided to give them a chance and let 4 hunters use them in 2 seasons. Honestly, 2 of the 4 wounded animals and did not recover their game. Thats really bad odds. Worst of it is, 3 of the 4 were professional hunters that were sponsored by rage. Sorry guys, mechanicals get a thumbs down from me.

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