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Default My Best Gobbler yet

I went to a new area I believed would hold turkeys, I parked at 730 and got to where I was going to hunt just after 8am. I Heard a hen calling after walking just 100 ft. or so I followed her believing she may have a tom with her, shortly I could see two turkeys then later I saw a very nice gobbler strutting and several more turkeys. I was trying to use cover and get ahead of them but it was impossible and at one point several jakes busted me but never putted, I froze until they moved on.

They eventually went up a mountain the hen calling and gobbler strutting all the while. I set up by one of many roost areas and they came back down the mountain but not to me, they went into a small area( you can see in the picture behind me) and into the trees. I got out of their line of sight and ran about 125 yards closer to the trees on the left just inside of the area they where in. When they came out I took a 40 yard shot and took down my gobbler!
19 lbs
9 inch beard
1/2 inch spurs.

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