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Default New reloader

I don't shoot a lot and only have a few rifles but I received a gift certificate from work for a project that I was a member. I decided that I would buy a low price kit to try it. I ended up buying the Lee Challenger kit since it seems like a ton of people liked it and some hated it. Anyway for $100 and some change it can't hurt right.

I already have the dies for one of the rifles I will be reloading for. I bought them after I bought the gun (7mm STW) since no one around here sells the ammo.

Anyway I gave the dies to a friend to reload for me. I bought the supplies and gave it all to him. I decided I would like to try and learn so I don't have to wait on anyone.

My biggest question is what manual/book is out there that will get me started in the right direction. I would like to read and learn as much as I can before I give it a go. I also will have to build me a bench before I can start anyway. So with my time inbetween I will read and learn.

Any suggestions.

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