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Me and a friend went to Texas this past weekend for opening weekend. We were planning on trying to film each other taking a longbeard, but the lack of birds and windy weather made that pretty difficult. We did roost a bird Friday evening. We set up on him Sat. morning. It was tough to find a good place to hide both of us. I found a tree with a cedar next to it that had good cover. My friend is left handed, so he set up on the other side of the tree. I didn't realize he was sticking out as far as he was. After the gobbler flew down, I did some soft calling. He was strutting and coming our way. If the bird came to the left I would do the filming, if the bird came to the right, I would doing the shooting. The bird came to the right, but when my friend got the camera, he saw movement. The gobbler immeditately stuck his head up and did the old wing tuck and started walking away. I knew it was now or never, so I told my friend don't worry about filming, I have to take the shot. The Rem. HD's put him down at 51 yards. He weighed 21 lbs. 10 oz., had a 9.5" beard, one spur 1 1/4" and the other 1".
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