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BTW its not that you promote a product and it never was. Its the unwavering bias you display here because of freebies/compensation and with all your "ad like" photos and "Infomercial type" videos. Statements like "A CVA will do anything a White or Knight will do" is ridiculous. Even i wouldn't say my Knights would compete in EVERY way with a White. They might compete well but not quite as well if you want to shoot huge conicals in 45 or 50cal.

Even i will recommend a CVA if that is what the OP wants. Ive never said get a Knight instead if the OP ONLY wanted opinions on which CVA to buy. I like the new Optima best in their lineup actually or if they offered a 45cal Wolf i would likely buy one in a blink.

I cant say ive seen you break from tradition and recommend another brand over a CVA or favor another brand over any CVA product. You even tried/trying to sell the Lyman Great Plains rifle even though its is superior over the Mountain stalker in quality. I know its hard when Dudley sent you atleast two CVAs for free according to your own words.

Please correct me or prove my statement wrong and i will recant it.

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