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OK. I'll be the Capt. unless somebody else checks in that really wants the job. I've done it the last few years and there's really not much to it. Kind of looks like there's only going to be a few of us that participate anyways. I've got to go to Naples for a few days to visit some relatives from NH but I'm pretty sure they have the net over there so I'll check in later and get us organized. So far we've got "Strut Buster's" for a name. Anybody else got any idea's? Maybe we can set Sunday for a deadline to name the team. JJ will have killed at least 2 by then so we'll be on the board without a name but that's OK.

Here's a few names: Flop Master's, Big Flop, Sharp Spur's, Hoot Owl, Executioner's, Last Call, Yelpin' Fool's, BBD, Drag Mark's, Full Fan, Longbeard's
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