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Default Team 5 - Longbeard Avengers

Team 5

1. Paintbrush
2. colbea
3. gun870guy (Team Captain)
4. Bocajnala
6. hunt genious
7. deerdust
8. trakin1
9. phish500
10. Bowtech9

(Bold = Checked In)

It looks like all of our team has checked in Woohoo. Has to be a 1st. lol Anything you want to tell of yourself, or where you'll be hunting, jump right in. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask. I am sure we have plenty of knowledge amongst our team to find any answers or viewpoints you may need. Get ready, we're going to blast the fluff out of the other teams. deerdust

Team 5 - Weclome to your team thread! As we have more people sign up (in the alternate sign up thread) we will add more people to the teams.

Everyone needs to check in on this team (by posting here, on this team thread, so we know you're still in the contest).

First order of business is to pick a team captain. Each person should nominate a teammate that you think would be a good leader. Team Captain will score each turkey killed (NWTF Score) and post each hunter's bird (with pictures) in the results thread.

GOOD LUCK Team 5!!!

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