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Hey I was just wondering what are some of the crank baits you guys like to use. I've only been walleye fishing for about 4 years and the past two years I have been fishing for them more and more and have grown to love it. I had been using a rapala original floater and last summer I had a friend of mine with me give me a XPS professional series hardbait minnow and I caught 3 Walleye over 20 inches in a 5 minute period. Thats all I use now and I have every color, best walleye crank bait IMO. I hear that people like the Long A Bombers a lot but I've out fished the guys beside me using the Long A's pretty much every time. I'm always very confident that I'm going to catch one when I hear them hitting the top of the water when they're chasing bait fish. Its always a good night when thats going on. If you have any tips how to catch walleye during late winter or early spring I would really appreciate it. I usually don't start catching them till May but I want to start earlier this year. Also I've never been river fishing for Walleye, how much different is it? Include any other tips if you want, the more I know the more I can do to try to catch more.

The picture below is a Walleye I caught last summer in Virginia at a small lake, it was 27 inches and 9 pounds. Hopefully there will be more like that to come this spring and summer.
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