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hunter440: I use Photo Bucket. Once you are logged in select "My Albums". Select "Edit Photos". Choose an album. Select "Resize". Check "keep proportions". This keeps the picture in proportion to wideth vs height. If you do not choose this you may end up with a long skinny or high and narrow picture, totally distorting it. Make a note of the size you have. Example 800 x 600. Now move either the wideth or height slide bar "left" to make smaller or "right" to make larger. In your case you may wish to go smaller, so move one of the slide bars to the left. You will see your picture getting smaller as you move the slide bar. When you are satisfied with your picture size, go to the bottom of the page and select "Save a Copy". As long as you do not do this you can select " Return to Origninal" which puts the picture back to the size you first had.
If you are using a different program etc. to send to this forum, just list it and another forum member will be more than willing to help you. Good luck.
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