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Originally Posted by PastorJim08
Great pics, thanks for sharing. Do you have your homebrew out or not? How did the homebrew weekend go, sure wish I could have been there.

well lets see, I have one homebrew out (the one I bought) Two are in the mail to buckshot (;-( cause of issues with the sound not working and we cant figure out why both of them are not recording)

I have another homebrew, A503 with slave flash almost all together justwaiting for board hopefully thursday ;-)

and a P32 sitting on my computer desk un hacked ;-)

it was a lot of fun, Not alot of work got done LOL (chatterboxes) but sure was a lot of knoledge down there, they are having it every month ya know so you should pick a month (in the summer) and come on down

and you know its ALLLLLL your fault I got into the homebrew addiction right LOL
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