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Default What's your plan if you fall from your stand ?

OK ...
I'm overweight...and 56 years old..I use the Seat of the Pants Harness..and let's say..your stand malfunctions and you are hanging from the tree at 15 feet.

I understand ..that if you don't do something quick your circulation being cut off will kill you. I hope this doesn't happen to any of you but it would be nice to brain storm and see what some of you would do..NOw if your as over weight and old as me..I doubt seriously if your going to get back into the stand..

Tell me if my plan is stupid..

I now carry my folding buck knife in my front pocket..

Try to relax..so you won't be shaking and freeze.

Take out the knife..

IF possible grab one of the pieces of stand that is still attached..with knife..reach over head and cut your support rope..now your circulation can flow easily..throw knife to the ground away from tree..

If you can get in your stand...call for help..

If you can't ..push off the tree..and drop I don't beleive 15 foot will kill you..Cut off circulation certainly will

Any other thoughts..

You guys who climb high...not sure what you would do..

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