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Default Sorry I have not been around.

I literally almot castrated myself two weks ago. My left testicle was haning ing out, and I needed over 100 stitches to reair my scrotum. I'm notsure which hurt sose, sittiing on top oof my testile on top of the soilet seat, in a growing puddle of my own blood. Or getting the needles in my skin to numb it before they gbegan to sew me back up.

ANYHOW, my computer got some type of virus, and none of my e-mail programs work. I can't even get in one to answer them.

So - If you or anyone you know needs to to get hold of me -
I'm reallly sory or the rblens try my [email protected] address, I can get it on my daughter's computer, or try [email protected].

God bless,


I'm really sorry for the problems -- but I am here to hep - if I can.

May God bless all of you,

T.R. Michels
[email protected] or [email protected]
Trinity Mountain Outdoors e-Magazine and lots of other stuff

We'll see you at the hunting shows this springs. I start at thet MN SCi Anual Banquet Feb 11-17 (?) giving elk and whitetail seminars. Sicne SCI rarely does seminars, ths is quite an honor.

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