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I have a box of CCI that I am going to try tomarrow if it's not too windy. I still have a few precious Winchester super X wildcats from the "Good Old Days" but they are thinning out fast.

I also have two Bricks of Thunderbolt that was sold together still wrapped in plastic. I paid like $18.95 for them back then! They used to work ok. You know we used to sit up on this hill on a gas line and shoot frogs in this bog down at the bottom in the spring from about 50+ yards and blow through a brick like it was nothing (one or two afternoons) with marlin glenfields. We never had the troubles you have now with bulk ammo.

I think the recoil spring on the MK II is lighter than a rifle. Plus I notice a much less difference in the report through the pistol than a rifle on these crap rounds. I can't remember a jam with the MKII, even filthy!

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