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Originally Posted by Scottdnramember View Post
I've recently run into a problem with the "Promo" loads. You know the 500 rd boxes. I have two 333rd boxes from Remington with squib loads

Many of you remember buying the 500 rd bricks for about $7 and they all worked great in anything. Now it cost $20 and they suck. What is going on?
Ahh the good 'ol days! I too have had the issues w/ winchester, I was getting 1-3 in every box of 50. I sent a bunch back to WIn and got $30 in coupons. Rems. seemd to work better, can't find federal. I use them for practice as I shoot on pistol team at Marshfield gun club. But when match time comes I will ONLY use CCI, they go off every time, but you have to pay the price.
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