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Default Reliable .22LR Ammo for hunting

I've recently run into a problem with the "Promo" loads. You know the 500 rd boxes. I have two 333rd boxes from Remington with squib loads and awfull performance in 2 different semi-autos and now a 500rd box of Wincesters giving smoke stacks and ignition failures. Both guns are clean and in good condition.

Do you guys have this kind of problem? Most of these seem to work ok in a Ruger Mk2 pistol, probably because of the shorter bbl.

I just don't know why it seems to much to ask to expect a round to go off and function properly anymore in a large box. Many of you remember buying the 500 rd bricks for about $7 and they all worked great in anything. Now it cost $20 and they suck. What is going on?
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